What Are the Actual Benefits of No-Follow backlinks?

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It’s a misconception among many that no-follow links are worthless. Everyone emphasizes do-follow links, and there is enough reason for that as well. But, the specialists in the SEO backlinks arena know understand that no-follow links hold equal importance as well. They don’t hesitate thus in including it within their SEO strategy.

Why was it introduced if it doesn’t contribute link juice?

It was actually introduced by Google with the aim of preventing people from making use of black hat SEO strategies. To be specific, it was meant for restricting the spam links all over the web. With Google’s ever-evolving algorithm and changes to search happening on a regular basis, no-follow has become very much integral to contemporary SEO techniques.

In fact, backlink strategy has become more quality-oriented these days, rather than quantity. But, link building strategy is not just about backlink generation. Moreover, link building in modern times is essential to look genuine and creative in terms of its approach. This is where the no-follow links come in handy.

Discussed below are the ways in which no-follow links still hold their relevance in the SEO arena.

Get targeted audience

No-follow links are often on really targeted websites, so you are able to drive up traffic to your site from really relevant visitors. Targeted traffic is so important, as it leads to positive stats on your site, including improved bounce rate, for example.

Visitors who click through from no-follow links are potentially genuinely enthused about the niche and are in search of more relevant options to learn more about whatever subject they are exploring. Also, the traffic obtained through these links has a high potential to improve your conversion rate. All these factors are the ultimate aims of doing SEO, backlinks, and all.

Making traffic generation look simple

From SEOs to paid campaigns, traffic remains one of the core interests of all these strategies. After all, traffic is the ultimate aim of the whole range of digital marketing (quality traffic, of course). And, no-follow links are all about links for the sake of traffic rather than for the sake of driving up your domain authority and other stats. Moreover, it provides the most significant kind of traffic, i.e. the referral traffic. One can claim that referral traffic is like word of mouth promotion, which is very genuine and trusted. No matter whether the link is pasted on social media platforms, or directories, it’s useful if it gets traffic.

Most importantly, if the quality of the content on your site is actually good, the chance of getting a backlink is much higher. For those who are simply seeking lead generation, it is always an awesome trick. All that needs to be ensured is that the content is good; no need to have fears of spam or getting penalized if the content is good. This is very much a proven strategy and is very much practiced by those who employ backlink strategies.

No disturbance to quality, which Google likes

Everyone knows that Google’s algorithm emphasizes genuineness of your content and promotional strategies. It means one may try link building, but that should not look forceful or disturb the flow of content on a site. From that perspective, a no-follow link is highly relevant. These links are very much like natural recommendations for readers in search of more options. Most importantly, Google acknowledges the value of such efforts and suggest these tactics will not lead to penalization.

It is proven to contribute to ranking

It appears that no follow links are not to be crawled, but that doesn’t mean that these are totally ignored. There are enough studies to show that the sites failing to get enough backlinks, but having sufficient no-follow links have also ranked well. In short, never underestimate the power of Google and its strategies.


It is evident that both do-follow and no-follow links are equally relevant. People in search of high-end sites for guest posting and getting backlinks can connect with SEOExpertStuff for best results.

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