What is Online Video Marketing?

Online video marketing has become an enormous business, and businesses all over the world are taking advantage of this super engaging, high converting, form of online content. Videos of all types are produced to engage and convert viewers into buyers. There are many types of videos you can create, and below we will share with you some.

Producing Content

Videos all over the internet are being made with mobile devices, making the barrier to entry at an all-time low for producing content for the web. There is no longer a need for expensive production equipment. Most content creators have access to high-quality cameras on their mobile devices that allow them to produce content easily and upload them to the internet.

This production style is excellent for social media and channels like YouTube, but it’s not ideal for broadcast media. Businesses looking to produce and stream high-quality videos should consider outsourcing the work to a company like Monster and Bear or the Captiv8 video production crew in Australia.

Uploading Content and Monetizing

Here is a fun fact that will help you understand more about this extremely effective marketing tool. Well over an hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute! There are Youtube stats that will blow your mind, but we will stay with that for now. People realize how easy it is to upload videos and make money doing it. Hard work and determination will generate views and a passive income for anyone willing to try it. These videos can also send referral traffic to your website, or a stand-alone landing page. Once the traffic is on your landing page, you have an opportunity to convert them there.

YouTube User Stats
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Everyone Is Streaming Video

It should come as no surprise then that even older generations spend a lot of time streaming video on mobile devices. Video testimonials, reviews, how-to’s, instructionals, e-learning courses, and entertainment are all types of videos that can be streamed on the web. This isn’t specific to one age group either, the young, middle-aged, and elderly are all streaming video content. This opens up opportunities for all businesses to successfully target their demographic using video marketing.

Video: Example of “How-To” Video Content

Original Content Is Crucial

You will want to keep in mind that your video needs to be unique. Original content is what will engage and captivate a viewer. If you are producing videos that just repeat what everyone else in your vertical is talking about, then it can become redundant, and turn an active viewer off.

Educated consumers are looking for quality content that provides value and is easily consumable. Make original content, but also make it easy to understand and absorb. Don’t complicate things. Most consumers don’t want to work hard to find answers to their questions.

Be Consistent With Your Delivery

If you are going to produce content on the internet actively, especially video, you should be consistent with your delivery. Both in terms of your message and delivery time. Weekly or bi-weekly video production should be your goal. It would be best if you kept your audience engaged and people were coming back for more information or entertainment regularly.

Why Consumers Are Eating Up Video at an Alarming Rate

It is easier to watch a video than it is to read some text. Video stimulates viewers visually and audibly. This multi-level stimulation of the senses creates a channel of communication that just isn’t available through text.

As a culture, humans are getting lazier, and it’s easier and takes less effort to be told something than it is to read it. This makes sense, and we see it every day out in public. That being said, it’s no wonder why consumers eat up videos like Big Macs and get converted on products that they never intended to buy. This is truly a special time, where businesses have a strategic advantage to capture the attention of the consumer’s mind and sell them anything.

Video Production And Streaming – Final Thoughts

Just remember that anyone can create a video on a mobile device and upload it to the internet. Doing that alone will not guarantee you anything – views or profits. Before jumping into video marketing or launching a Youtube channel, remember these three critical tips we covered here.

  1. Be original.
  2. Be consistent.
  3. Find creative ways to monetize your videos.

If you can do those three things successfully, you will find the rewards to be worth every second of your time. Millionaires are being made from online video, corporations are seeing 10x results from online video marketing campaigns, and bedroom bloggers are becoming overnight stars from their Youtube channels. Whatever direction you choose to take your video production efforts, we wish you the best of luck along this lucrative journey.

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