What Marketers Need to Know About SEO Trends in 2017

In the ever-changing world of SEO and online marketing, trends take new twists and turns every year. This year too, while some of the older trends will stay effective, many will undergo substantial changes. Keeping yourself abreast of them is important to one-up your competition. Here are some of the hottest SEO trends you should expect to witness in 2017.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will gain more importance

The AMP technology helps web pages load with a staggering speed on mobile devices. Add the fondness of Google and AMP becomes a front runner in the SEO trends for the New Year. Best time to AMP up your site.

Backlinks will take a back seat

Getting backlinks from high PR blogs will lose its significance as PR will no longer be the decisive factor it used to be, in determining a website’s popularity and importance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will rule

With Google already adopting Artificial Intelligence, it won’t be long before other big players embrace the self-learning technology.

Search using home devices

As technology grows, more and more home devices will be used for online search. Before long, you will be learning about the intricacies of space travel from the comfort of your living room.

No substitute for the original

Fresh and original content will reign supreme when it comes to securing higher rankings in the search engines.

Social ranking signals will gain even more importance

Social signals are already among the 100 most important factors influencing a website’s position on the search engines result pages (SERPs). 2017 is likely to see a rise in their relevance.

The importance of schema.org markup will grow

Adding schema.org markup to your website will be a vital SEO strategy for 2017.

HTTPS will acquire more prominence

Since HTTPS has SEO benefits besides its well-known security advantages, this year, more websites will lean towards using it.

Amazon will overshadow Google for product search

Google is supreme when it comes to search engines. However, 2017 might see some major shifts in people’s search tendencies and habits. In order to search for specific products, Amazon is likely to gain preference over Google by more and more people.

Facebook search will be more popular

Another challenge to the sovereignty of Google will come from Facebook as more and more people will use Facebook search in the future.

More people will opt for voice search

Why type lengthy keywords when you can simply talk to your home device and hear an answer? That’s the convenience people will choose by using voice searching services like Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Google will automate penalizing

Google might automate the penalization process using algorithm based penalties. Playing by their rules will remain the safest bet.

Less product/category results on Google search

Often search results are crowded by ecommerce sites marginally relevant to the search. 2017 will see Google giving more importance to feature informational content in their search results.

Google will render AJAX/JavaScript better

No more ignoring of AJAX based sites by Google as Google’s bots will likely get better at rendering these sites better in 2017.

Mobile first approach will rule SEO

More webmaster’s and companies will adopt the “mobile first” strategy to optimize their sites for search engines.

Good times for global SEO

Sites optimized for international audience will be in demand and those who specialize in international SEO will be most profitable.

Longform content will stay important

Writing content with 1,200 words or more will remain a good SEO strategy. Don’t shy away from writing those lengthy and informative blog posts and articles in 2017.

Image optimization will be essential

Don’t forget to optimize your images as it will be as important as content optimization this year and beyond.

Titles with higher CTR will acquire better ranks

If your content garners higher click-through-rate (CTR), it will be favored by Google, improving your chances of higher rankings on the SERPs.

Videos and multimedia will be more in demand

It is always convenient to watch an interesting video, listen to a podcast or learn using an informative multimedia presentation, than reading lengthy text-based articles. In 2017, more and more people will search for video and multimedia content rather than plain textual one.

User experience will stay important

Google favors sites that are built for users and not just for search engines. This trend will continue this year as a well-designed site that offers a great user experience will be boosted by Google on their SERPs.


If you want to stay on top of the search game and secure higher rankings on search engines, it is important to follow these modern trends closely. You might already be using some of them as they are old-school and will stay vital in future. However, some are relatively new and are gaining in strength. It is best to adopt them now to reap the benefits in future.

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  1. Mobile Users are increasing day by day.That’s why google is updating its algorithms according to the mobile users. Thanks For sharing the post of SEO trends of 2017. We need good writing like this. Thank you for explaining these trends in best way.


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