What is Video Marketing and Why is it so Important?

Video marketing isn’t anything new, but it’s becoming more and more important to include video in your marketing strategy.

Why’s that?

Because you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, and with 86% of businesses using video as a marketing tool in 2021, you don’t want to be the only ones missing out.

We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine the worth of a video in comparison!

There are so many ways of using video in your marketing strategy, from creating video brochures to uploading reels on Instagram. The opportunities to stand out are endless and you need to take advantage of them!

In this article, we will look at what video marketing is, the benefits, and the different types of video you can create for your brand.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is when a brand uses video content to raise brand awareness and promote their company and/or products with the hope of increasing sales.

Video is a great way of reaching new, larger audiences. It’s also becoming much easier for any type of business to use video in some way or another; you don’t need top-quality cameras or video editing skills!

Music to your ears, right?

The benefits – why bother?

Everyone loves videos, they’re engaging, informative, and a great way to increase brand awareness. Not only do videos help expand your presence to wider audiences, but there are tons more benefits of using video in your marketing, here are a few:

Stand out against competitors

If your competitors aren’t using video to its full potential, this is where you can stand out and grab attention from your target audience. Using unique techniques like video brochures is a great and innovative way to get your brand out there, shining high above your competitors. You’ll be seen as an expert in your field by producing content that your competitors aren’t.

SEO benefits

Google likes to include YouTube videos on its first page for many search terms. This is a great way for your business to target keywords that’ll reach your audience. How-to and educational videos are usually the best types of videos that get featured on the first page of Google.

Video marketing also increases backlinks to your website which will give your page more authority on Google.

Gain more exposure on social media

With the likes of TikTok and Instagram reels, videos are constantly gaining popularity on social media. Instagram recently announced that they were moving away from being a photo-sharing app and instead will focus on video, highlighting just how important video content is becoming.

With social media websites like Instagram boosting video content, this is a fantastic way for your page to increase in engagement and followers. If you want your brand to increase its online presence, video marketing is becoming a must.

Grow your business!

By following all the previous points successfully, you will only notice positive things for your brand. If your video is getting views, that means your brand is gaining more awareness from people interested in what you do.

It’s more important now than ever

The pandemic has impacted a whole ton of things, and video consumption is part of this. A huge 96% of consumers have said that they watched more video content due to the pandemic. It would be silly not to take this into account when deciding on your marketing goals for the year.

Types of video marketing

As mentioned above, you don’t need to have a degree in video editing to create good videos for your business. Most phones nowadays come with great quality cameras and social media features like ‘Live’ and ‘Stories’ which allow all business types to take pictures and videos. These can then be shared instantly across platforms without any or minimal editing required.

If you’re wanting to increase video content for your business, these are the most popular ways to do this:

Video brochures

Video brochures are a unique type of marketing collateral. They are a card product with a screen inside that plays the video you want to show. This engaging product is great for getting an audience’s attention.

Informative videos

The most popular videos on YouTube and Facebook usually include behind-the-scenes videos, how-to videos, customer testimonial videos, and expert interviews. By sharing these types of videos on your social media platforms, this will increase your brand awareness and your audience will keep coming back to learn more from you.

These require more time and effort as you may need to spend time coming up with scripts and editing the video before posting them online.

Social media videos

Posting videos on the likes of Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Instagramreels, and IGTV is usually much quicker than creating videos on YouTube. These can be posted straight away, with little editing required. These types of videos can help connect the brand to an audience as they are usually more personal.

So, with a dash of creativity and a hint of tech, you can make your brand stand out amongst the crowds by creating engaging video marketing material.

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4 thoughts on “What is Video Marketing and Why is it so Important?”

  1. Hi Anthony, I’ve had some success with videos over on Rumble and YouTube. It’s amazing to see what sometimes can go viral and then others bomb. But once you get into doing them it does become easier and I like embedding them in a blog post from time to time as well. Video is here to stay!

    • Video is on the horizon for me. I do a lot of video work for clients, but I’ve put off video work for myself. That said, it’s such a powerful medium, and I have a series in mind for YouTube as well as a course I’m working on building.

      I’ve seen a number of your videos, and you do great work! I’m unfamiliar with Rumble, but I’ll certainly check it out. Thanks, Lisa!

  2. Video marketing is very important these days as a demand for videos are increasing day to day.

    people are consuming more video content on social media.

    Thank you Anthony for this post.

    keep bring such value here.


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