Why Marketing Automation is Important for B2B Lead Generation?

Marketing automation is the use of software systems to collect and store information about visitors with the aim of fine-tuning customer-directed messaging to generate revenue through sales. Any compilation of information from a computer or device used by a website to recognize a visitor may be considered marketing information in the broadest sense of the word.

That information is then used to send automated messages via your automation platform based on specific aspects of the users, campaigns you’re running or actions the users take when visiting your site.

Our main aim as marketers can be condensed into one concept: serving the bottom line. We need to have a good kickoff to get to the end – a little something called lead generation. Now the challenge we face with the process of B2B lead generation is to maintain a continuous, healthy stream of leads. Keeping the inflow rhythm can be a Herculean task. Surveys have shown that the use of marketing automation techniques can give your lead flow a significant boost.

Research shows that businesses with well-coordinated sales and marketing departments are expected to achieve higher profits at an average annual growth rate of 32 percent, whereas unaligned firms are 7 percent behind.

But often, the two end up playing the blame game instead of actually working together, failing to realize that they have the same goals at the end of the day, such as generating higher-quality leads. Marketing automation is a powerful way to coordinate efforts and help sales and marketing work together.

Why Marketing Automation, and Why Now?

Marketing automation is used by the best marketing teams to make their campaigns more accurate and empower their sales team with better leads, and attain greater ROI.

So what separates businesses with great marketing teams businesses from those that don’t? It isn’t because they’re stronger, smarter, or more imaginative.

They simply have the right tools — tools that offer them more insight into the sales funnel as a whole, tools that allow them to decide more efficiently when leads are ready to buy. Those abilities are becoming absolutely essential in the current marketing climate.

Marketers are better able to qualify leads and pass them on to sales using marketing automation, resulting in higher revenues and greater growth.

Much of the advantage occurs through marketing automation. The communication information used by the sales teams can be mapped from the marketing team’s email or social media campaigns to consumer behavioral data. A marketing automation tool will get both of them to use the same platform to create a unified strategy which will result in high profitability.

E-mail marketing is an immense part of marketing automation. Through drip campaigns, companies are able to deploy targeted messages based on actions taken by a potential lead. Strategically and systematically nurturing these leads helps sales teams strengthen their partnerships, making it possible for them to make deals.

Goals of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation applies by extension to the use of the tools to simplify manual marketing processes. Which involves repetitive tasks including sending emails, leads on qualified blogs, posting on social media, and more.

Like any other marketing technique, marketing automation came into being and has gained acceptance because it helps companies and organizations achieve certain business goals, of which the most important are:

  • To produce qualified sales
  • Contributes to the conversion of qualified sales into profitable customers
  • To improve the customers ‘ lifetime value through customer retention

By applying marketing automation within your organization, you can make your marketing team more efficient and effective. Do your research and determine which platforms are the bit for your organization. There are tons  of options on the market.

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