Career Changes: An Inspirational Story for Women Considering A Career in Technology

Due to Covid-19, things have really changed our entire outlook on life. If you hadn’t worked from home before, suddenly you are thrusted into a whole new way of working if you are lucky enough to be working at all in these unprecedented times.

For me, I was forced into early retirement of my thriving chef career. I was working as a contracted chef for the Arizona Diamondbacks – a major league baseball team. I started working for them for an audition for a period of 2 weeks and was asked to stay on through the season. Even former player, Orlando Hudson (O-Dog) – now coach –  asked me to privately cook for him and for a group of other staff. Things were going great.

I was scheduled to cater his small event the following week when suddenly Covid -19 knocked me off my pedestal by lunch time the same day. I was devastated. I had so many plans for the summer with my family. We planned to spend the summer in China, and I was focused on learning Mandarin and learning how to craft authentic Chinese cuisine. My daughter and I planned to go in June, and my father had planned to go in July as well. This was the year of 2020 Vision.

Shifting focus to a career in technology

August is supposed to be my first stint at traditional college, as I planned to enroll in Information Technology to build my skills in that area and expand on what I had learn through business ownership. I had been considering this field for many years as I had a knack for the tech world having owned a successful tech company the last two years. I specialized in the production of media content internationally for various brands, podcasting shows as well as commercials and cooking videos online for my business. It was a great way to delve deeper into tech and understanding the full dynamic of it all. I am always a woman with a plan. I just had to implement things at a different pace.

When I decided to choose a new career path, I had to choose one where I did not feel like I would be physically unable to do it in my older age. I am starting late in life in college and I had selected online as the better fit. I realize that technology is forever changing and will always be a lucrative industry well into the future, and I wanted a piece of this action.

The importance of women in technology

In technology, women are seriously underrepresented, but things are starting to change. I wanted to be a part of this revolution. I stand so much for women empowerment that this was exactly the right place to get involved. First of all, women bring such a diversified ability to the tech world because we think differently. If women drive more of consumer purchasing –  which is a known fact – then making technology-based apps, products and opportunities geared to women will definitely change the dynamic of the tech world for the better.

Who better than a woman to market and design to appeal to other women? We know what we want, what we need and what we prefer, so this is a new way of reaching this demographic.

Women ultimately are the driving force of the financial economy. At the end of the day, we are going to spend our money and our spouse’s money too. Gender diversity is very productive in fact. There are several supportive studies that prove this across the board. The numbers just don’t lie – we women control 73% of U.S household spending. That equates to $4.3 trillion dollars out of the U.S $5.9 trillion in studies. Essentially, this means If you don’t market to women you are missing out.

Breaking through barriers

Seeing a woman in a tech role is inspiring. It means she has broken through historical barriers.  I own a tech-driven company and decided to market my business towards the independent female. This is why I have been successful in my transition. I can already tell you that the number of times I have shopped on Amazon in quarantine is too many to count. Just knowing this was the reason I realized the tech industry will continue to flourish and why I wanted to learn all I could to and help to inspire other to break through the same barriers.

I also want to be a part of the $4 trillion earning revenue from the tech industry reported in 2019. With Covid-19 sending us all to work from home nearly half of this year it definitely made me realize that 2021 will be the year my tech business will reach heights never seen before. I had time to think, restructure my company and really research where my brand is going in the new way of life going forward. If you are a woman interested in Tech I invite you to join the many Facebook support groups for women just starting out, and follow my new Twitter account Askfalan101 or on Instagram – Ask.Falan – as well listen to the weekly Ask Falan Podcast.

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