Why Do Big Companies Choose WordPress Over Other CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive applicative tool that allows the user to publicly (and privately) host, edit, produce, and print content on the World Wide Web.

In short, a CMS is a ready-made website that allows users to display and customize their content for the audience to view and comment.

There exist a plethora of paid and open-source content management systems; however, WordPress dominates the internet, with 34% of the websites (many of which belong to Fortune 500 companies) being hosted on the platform!

Take The New Yorker, for example. This very popular publication is one of many huge organizations that use WordPress.

Example of major branding using WordPress
Image: Example of major branding using WordPress

So, the question now arises, how and why do companies choose to host their content and build their websites on WordPress?

The answer to this seemingly innocent question is multifaceted, and, thus, to make it simple, it’ll be broken down into parts.

  1. User-friendly and ease of use
  2. Customizable
  3. Open-source access
  4. Is SEO friendly
  5. A wide variety of content can be hosted and shared
  6. Allows multiple plug-ins
  7. Is affordable
  8. Provides a smooth and quick  customer service
  9. Blank slate blog

User-friendly and Ease of Use

Unlike many content management systems, WordPress is extremely easy to use and user-friendly.

When an individual signs up on the website, they get a virtual tour of the platform and its multiple functions, which makes it extremely convenient and easy to use.


One reason why WordPress development services have been so much in demand is that a WordPress website can be customized to the company’s needs and visions.

For a content management system, WordPress provides lots of customizable options, which are not only limited to fonts, font size, and wall-papers. The paid version offers room to change the whole structure of the website to the extent that it becomes impossible to recognize the original WordPress design.

Open-source Access

Unlike many open-source content management systems out there, WordPress also has a free version, which offers a greater variety of customizability. In addition, the open-source platform is as secured as the paid version, since the software developers see it as a potential customer-pulling magnet.

However, the open-source WordPress version does not allow for a greater degree of customizability, but, compared to other CMS’s (Joomla, Wix and much more), enables the user to make considerable changes on the website.

Another fascinating feature of the free WordPress is that you can lock individual pages for the public, and people will have to seek your permission (via email) to access those pages.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is an online marketing tool used to enhance the quality as well as the quantity of traffic on a website, is the desired tool that marketers wish to integrate into their content.

However, many content management systems do not support SEO, but WordPress isn’t one of them. To increase the website’s ranking, WordPress has the following features, which make it an SEO-friendly platform:

  • It includes statistics that help in generating titles, subtitles, and headings that increase the readability of the website.
  • It allows meta-descriptions and permanent links (permalinks) to be included.
  • In general, the platform is very Google-friendly, which make it a popular choice among companies.
  • Most themes are mobile-responsive
  • It comes with numerous plugins, like Yoast SEO, that can help give a boost to your SEO

Content Diversity

Due to a sharp increase in social media platforms and use, content can be generated, posted, and shared in multiple ways. WordPress recognizes and acknowledges the content diversity that exists on the internet.

Consequently, it rebranded itself as an all-inclusive platform that contains space for every medium – still or moving – to be posted, published, and viewed by many across the globe.

As a result, WordPress allows internal and external linking, gives you access to link your social media profiles and much more. You can post videos, images, text, graphics and more.


Just like Google Docs or Sheets, WordPress too, allows you to add plug-ins, which increase its usability and allow you to customize your website in an efficient and better way.

Adding WordPress plugins
Image: Adding WordPress plugins

Companies, especially start-ups, that cannot afford tech-savvy stuff, prefer to invest in content management systems that can host plugins since they are cheap and increase the website’s usability.


WordPress offers its services in different price brackets, which makes it unique. It has a free version, but with limited capabilities.

If more sophisticated services are required, it will have to be purchased, but an intriguing feature about the brand is that different services cost differently, that is, you only pay for the service (plugin or attachment) you wish to have. In other words, you can have custom-built software and pay for just that.

Customer Service

WordPress is extremely popular in the corporate sector because of its quick and helpful customer service. The customer relations department at WordPress is on their feet, responsive, and useful.

The company provides round-the-clock assistance to all its customers, which is an added factor in its popularity. Companies wish to invest in ventures that are easy to use and quick to assist when things go south.


WordPress started as a blog; consequently, its developers, as they progressed, never removed the blog. In fact, WordPress is mostly known as a blog-hosting website. The blog palate is remarkably diverse, with an extensive colour palette and theme that can be connected with multiple platforms across the web.

Wordpress original post builder
Image: WordPress original post builder – Source

WordPress blogs, along with its capability to host websites, make it an excellent CMS for companies to have since they do have to undergo the hassle of creating and maintaining two websites.

WordPress is a wholesome CMS that is user-friendly and has numerous customizable features, all of which make it popular among companies today – and likely well into the future.

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