12 Best WordPress Website Features

Best wordpress website features

Over half of the websites available online are using WordPress for their backend. If you are still not familiar with WordPress, it is a Content Management System (CMS) that offers complete flexibility to anyone looking to launch a new website within just a few minutes, with a user-friendly experience for the site owner.

The CMS is super simple to use with drag and drop functionality so that even those who are not tech-savvy can launch their sites with complete peace of mind. One can install the CMS through software like Softaculous on CPanel, and through a set of commands on a cloud server. You might need a little help during this early stage, but once your site is live, you are all set and things become easier.

Now that you are familiar with WordPress, here are some of the best features of WordPress for website building that are currently not available with any other CMS. 
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WordPress Features That Let You Launch Your Site In Minutes

WordPress is one of the oldest and most successful CMS available online. It is based on PHP and is completely open-source. So, anyone experienced in PHP language has complete freedom to customize WordPress as per their will (but there are easy-to-manipulate templates available for those within any programming background). What makes this CMS platform exceptionally valuable is all of the free WordPress website features available on it. We’ve created the following list of the 12 best WordPress features:

1 – Page Builder

Whether you are launching an eCommerce platform, a blog, an affiliate website, or a business one-pager, WordPress lets you do any of that within minutes. You can install a page builder plugin like Divi, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and many more to design a page that looks professional, elegant, and can be setup according to your taste.

example of a page builder for WordPress
Example of a smart page builder on WordPress – Source: CodeCanyon

2 – Drag & Drop Functionality

Another great reason to use WordPress is because of the drag-and-drop functionality it offers. Whether you want to add a widget to your website, a banner, a pop-up, all is possible on WordPress. You can even add custom HTML, JavaScript, and JQuery code, and it will work right as you want it.

3 – Multiple Themes & Plugins

No other CMS platform lets users add a new theme. Most even charge for it. But with WordPress, you can try as many themes as you want – thousands of them for free (there are some great paid versions as well). Similarly, you are free to add multiple plugins to your website to make it fast, responsive, or to customize it according to your taste.

4 – Optimized SEO Sites Within Seconds

Two WordPress plugins rule the SEO industry. This is because almost all websites on the web use these two plugins. Their names are Yoast and All In One SEO. What these two plugins do is they let you optimize the on-page changes of your website by yourself.

If you hire an SEO expert for this, they will charge around $100 just for the consultation. Currently, these plugins are only available for WordPress as no other CMS platform gives this much flexibility to users.

Example of Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO Plugin screenshot – Source: Yoast

5 – Completely Responsive & AMP

Google is going pretty strong on websites that are not responsive. It has even launched its own framework Google AMP, to make websites responsive for tablets and mobile phones. Moreover, Google now ranks websites that are not responsive lower in the SERPs. Responsiveness issues are solved with WordPress because all themes available on WordPress are responsive. Moreover, users can add AMP plugin to their websites to load their pages within the fraction of a second.

6 – Full user registration

WordPress started off as a blogging platform. Still today, many top websites like BuzzFeed, Washington Post, WSJ, and many others use WordPress for their backend. This is because the CMS platform allows full user registration. Website administrators can add as many users as they want. Each user can have a role from ADMIN, EDITOR, MODERATOR. This makes it easy for administrators to manage the website while delegating their resources.

7 – Launch within minutes

As said earlier, you can launch WordPress-based websites within minutes. It is as simple as launching the CMS, pointing a domain to your server, and Voila! You are done.

8 – Manage from anywhere

The biggest benefit of WordPress is that you are not a slave of your server IP. Unlike your server back-end, you can launch WordPress from anywhere you want. To improve the security further, WordPress lets you add 2FA and login limits to your website through plugins.

9 – WYSIWYG & Gutenberg

Want to write an illustrative blog and publish it as if you wrote it? That’s possible with the WordPress content editor. Now, WordPress has added a Gutenberg content editor that lets you add multiple blocks to your post. This is an alternative to the page builder plugins but only for the post area. So, whether you want to add buttons, graphs, images, even polls, WordPress lets you do that.

editor on WordPress
Gutenberg editor on WordPress – Source: Wpbeginner

10 – Custom URLs

The biggest benefit of WordPress in terms of SERPs is the easy creation of custom URLs. Unlike other CMS platforms that don’t allow users to customize their URLs, with WordPress users have the liberty to name their URLs whatever they want.

11 – A complete DIY package

The best part of WordPress CMS is that you won’t have to hire a developer to set up your website because everything is available with the click of a button. That’s why it wouldn’t be wrong to call WordPress a complete Do It Yourself (DIY) package for anyone interested.

12 – Go eCommerce

Last but not least. WordPress offers the WooCommerce eCommerce platform. This platform is free to install. What this means is that you can launch your eCommerce platform by just adding one more plugin to your website. WooCommerce offers multiple payment options, free eCommerce themes, and much more so that you can get started with eCommerce within minutes!


What makes WordPress better than all other CMS platforms is the plethora of options available with it. Most importantly, all these options are FREE so that WordPress users can launch their websites and get started with their businesses without getting help from anyone.

However, for those who are not too tech-savvy and want help, The WPHelp is always there to help them get started. The company offers 24/7 support, security, and maintenance that you need for your website. Whether you’re just starting, or simply need support for your clients, it has got you covered.

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