How to Work From Anywhere, Even Your Home, During Retirement

Retirement can be a perfect time to pursue your passions. If you’re like many retirees, however, you may also be looking for ways to pad your income. Working in retirement is becoming a growing trend these days, and it can be a good way to stay active while earning some extra cash for those hobbies, travel, and other retirement pleasures. Want a flexible way to work during your retirement? These home-based business tips can help you figure one out.

E-Commerce Shops Can Boost Retirement Savings

Before you can begin supplementing your income from your home, you need to figure out what that business is going to look like for you. If you need some help thinking of home-based business ideas, you should know that an e-commerce site can be a perfect option for retirees. With numerous online resources, gaining the knowledge you need to manage business resources, provide customer service, and enhance brand equity can be effortless.

With these e-commerce guides handy, you will have everything you need to set your new business apart from competitors, right from the start. Worried about covering inventory and shipping expenses? Then a dropshipping e-commerce business may be a better fit for more retirement income. With a dropshipping setup, you only need to pay for inventory costs when a customer places an order. Better yet for your bottom line and your time, whatever dropshipping company you go with will ship those products directly, so all you need to worry about is customer support.

Gig Jobs Can Help Seniors Enjoy Their Golden Years

Could a gig job be right for you? The gig economy refers to numerous part-time and freelance employment opportunities that are available to adults of all ages. Gigs can range from helping people with their resumes to walking dogs around their homes. One of the benefits of gig positions that require interactions with animals or other people is that you will also have an outlet for relieving loneliness.

While having some quality time to yourself may seem appealing after a long career working with others, eventually that solo time can lead to some pretty severe issues with your mental and physical health. You may be putting yourself at risk for heart disease, depression disorders, and even premature death.

So, if you live alone or are at risk of isolation during retirement, think about looking for work that allows you to connect with other people or pets. Time with animals can be even more helpful for your health since studies show that people who spend time with pets (theirs or someone else’s) tend to be less stressed.

Home Workspaces Can Boost Any Home-Based Business

Whether you decide to offer consulting services, open an e-commerce shop, or provide pet sitting services, you are going to need a home office in order to stay productive working from home. If you don’t already have an office in your home, creating a home workspace can be a pretty simple project. Begin your home office project by finding a well-lit space that is away from distractions, including other people or even pets, and then find some room in your new business budget to buy a functional desk with plenty of space and a quality chair with plenty of support.

For seniors, proper support is even more critical, so if you can only splurge on one piece of home office furniture make it your chair. If you already have a laptop or computer, you may be able to use it for your home-based business.

If your computer needs an update though, you should also work this expense into your startup budget. Luckily, there are affordable computers that still pack enough power to run a small business, so be sure to research models to find your perfect one.

Starting a home-based business can be a good move for retiring Baby Boomers. So, consider whether the ideas above are right for you, or research other career moves you can easily make during your golden years. With flexibility and affordability though, managing a home-based business could be the best way to boost your savings while still enjoying your passions.

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Courtney Rosenfeld

5 thoughts on “How to Work From Anywhere, Even Your Home, During Retirement”

  1. Lots of useful tips here and I think the world is opening up to people who may have loads of experience but are no longer interested in working from an office and want more flexibility and freedom. Online it doesn’t matter how old you are as people only make judgements which are ageist when they can see a person face to face.

    • So true, the world is definitely open to people working from anywhere. There’s not longer a necessity to work only in an office. I think this really opens up opportunities for both employees and employers. Employees gain tons of convenience, and employers can connect with talent anywhere in the world.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts,@athousandbitsofpaper. I agree, and a lot of opportunities are waiting for our seniors out there where they can earn while enjoying their retirement. 🙂

  2. This is a very good post! My father is about to retire this year and he is someone who cannot sit idle! I am going to share this post with him 🙂


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