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[Infographic] 20 Ways of Incorporating Facebook into Classrooms for Better Learning

Today, you can use Facebook to find educational resources, connect with students and teachers beyond boundaries, and gather interesting insights. Beyond how we traditionally view Facebook, let’s look at the educational side. Here is how Facebook can be used in and outside classrooms for education. Students can follow the social media handles of journalists and […]

How Does Retargeting Work on the Facebook Ad Network?

One of the most pressing issues that most companies face is increased website traffic but minimal leads. While having a high rate of website visitors can be good, there is super important to find ways to convert those visitors into prospective clients. Facebook, a social media giant, is just the place,  and audience retargeting is […]

Tips for Facebook Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adding to all the ways that COVID-19 has impacted our lives, the virus has also transformed the digital landscape. Going out to bars or restaurants is no longer an option, so users and consumers are naturally spending more time on social media. Businesses are also rethinking their marketing MO. Incentivized to tighten their purse strings, […]

Facebook Marketing Campaigns That You Can Apply for Your SaaS Company

Marketing your company’s SaaS products isn’t like marketing any other product. While there are some similarities, especially in the first parts of setting up a marketing campaign, there might be plenty of differences execution-wise. Depending on the type of SaaS product you offer, you might want to know first if you’re better off targeting end-consumers […]

How To Build Your Brand And Sell On Facebook: Dos and Don’ts

Facebook has recently made moves to make the platform more ecommerce friendly. As a result, ecommerce business owners are realizing the potential that Facebook offers and taking advantage of new features. To help you get start and allow you to take advantage of these new features as well, here are a few Dos and Don’ts […]

How to Succeed Using Facebook Live

Live streaming video has taken social media marketing by storm. While streaming video is certainly not a new phenomenon, apps like Periscope and Meerkat created avenues for marketers to reach their target audience members with engaging content on trendy new channels. Facebook, always one to have an answer to new technology, recently responded to the […]