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Setting Meaningful Social Media Goals to Increase Traffic to Your Website

One way to achieve social media marketing success is to set social media goals that are achievable and meaningful for your business, for you as well as your consumers. This, ideally, is the first step in planning your social media strategy. However, if you are unable to define, identify and set your social goals, do […]

Social Media: Basic Tips to Build Your Digital Presence

In 2017, it was calculated that 90 percent of U.S. businesses were using social media for marketing purposes, which was projected to increase. Gone are the days where business owners, company presidents, and CEO’s don’t value social media. Fortunately for marketers, it’s become easier to sell upper management on why social proof is important for […]

Organic Versus Paid Social Media: What Works for Small Businesses?

Businesses understand the value of a robust online presence. According to The Manifest, social media is the top advertising medium that small businesses plan to invest in this year. For many small businesses, one challenge is to find the right balance of paid and organic efforts. Each approach to social media has its advantages. Aligning your […]

Social Media in Healthcare: How Being More Social Can Lead to an Improved Patient Experience

Healthcare professionals have traditionally been slower than other industries to adopt social media as a tool for engaging with patients or promoting their practice. That hesitancy is not without merit. More than most other fields, privacy is of the utmost importance in healthcare. Healthcare professionals tread carefully to avoid legal trouble, and as a result […]

7 Social Media Strategies Every Business Should Learn from Donald Trump

In one of his post-election interviews, U.S. President Donald Trump attributed the success his presidential campaign to effective use of social media. “It is a great form of communication,” he said, adding that he’s going to continue using the potent tool in the future. There’s no denying the fact that Trump did use social media […]