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Join a group of marketing and business thought leaders who are passionate about educating others in the profession to help their peers connect more effectively with their target audience. We love connecting and collaborating with writers who can provide valuable insight, information, and even entertainment to our readers!

What to consider

  • Our readers are marketers for small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as business owners, entrepreneurs and people in the startup world looking for tips and ideas to boost their business.
  • Your post should be long enough to provide enough actionable insight for the reader to gain the knowledge they need to take action on the subject you present (while 500-1000 words is the average post length on the site, there is no requirement here).
  • Incorporate examples and/or actionable insights into your article.
  • You may place 1-2 links back to content on your own site, but those links must go to relevant articles and not product- or sales-focused pages (unless absolutely justified by the reference within the post).
  • Self-promotion is not permitted outside of your author bio (unless otherwise agreed upon).
  • Disclose any relationship or partnership you might have (example: affiliate links) to those companies or persons related to the links you add.
  • Any images, quotes or stats must be attributed to the proper source.
  • Along with your article, please submit a professional headshot, brief author bio and links to your (or your company’s) Twitter and/or Facebook pages.
  • All posts are reviewed, and you may be asked to provide updates or edits before receiving approval. Once the post is approved, you will be notified of the date on which it will be published.

How to become a contributor

Becoming a contributor to the site starts with a pitch. We welcome any and all pitches (as long as they meet the above guidelines).

Please submit the following information via the form below or email us by clicking here.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Organization
  • Email address
  • Title of pitch with a brief (2-3 sentence) synopsis

Please note that publishing may take 4+ weeks due to the high volume of posts received each month. For expedited options, please inquire via email. 

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