How to Inject Personalization into Your Business

With all the noise out there, trying to get the attention of customers is like screaming at a band while it’s performing at a sold-out concert. You can use a better approach – become a familiar face in the crowd rather than yell through the megaphone.

To build strong and meaningful relationships with prospects, you need to connect with them on a personal level. And personalization is what facilitates that connection.

The Meaning and Importance of Personalization

Personalization is the process of addressing the unique preferences and needs of customers. It also refers to presenting the right service or product to relevant consumers when they expect it.

Personalization does not only help you create a powerful impression in your customers’ minds; it also helps to build your brand’s credibility.

Besides, personalization makes it easy to interact with your customers, making conversion hassle-free.

Your Customers Expect You to Personalize Your Marketing Messages

Interestingly, customers expect businesses to personalize their marketing messages.

Infogroup conducted a study that showed that 93% of customers receive marketing communications that they find irrelevant. Also, 44% of customers were willing to switch to those brands that know how to personalize their marketing messages.

Besides, 90% of consumers stated that company messages not tailored to their needs were annoying.

How to Personalize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Use the following proven ways to personalize your business:

1. Personalize Social Media Content

To deliver a personalized marketing experience on social media, you should first research about your target audience or target persona. Luckily, social media provides detailed information about users. You just need to know how and where to find it. For example, you can easily do a bit of digging to find out the following kinds of details about your audience:

  • Age range
  • Location
  • What times they come online
  • The devices they use
  • Which influencers they tend to interact with
  • The topics they like most

If you have a Facebook business page, you can access information about your audience by going to Audience Insights. On Twitter, you can click on Twitter Analytics to access the same details.

After unveiling your persona, you can go ahead and:

Create Content That’s Relevant to Your Persona

Look at the engagement behavior of your persona to see the type of content they like. Do they mostly interact with articles, images, videos, or links?

You don’t have to stick to one format. You can mix the formats, but be sure they are relevant to your audience.

Finding topics to post about can be a little challenging, but you can use the following ideas for inspiration:

  • Your latest blog post
  • Adding emojis in your posts
  • Create a poll
  • Your employees’ photos
  • User-generated content
  • New products
  • Customer case studies
  • Company achievements
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Infographics
  • Testimonials

Respond to Your Audience Personally

It may sound obvious to have a real person respond to prospects and customers on social media, but most businesses have automated the process.

Customers use social media to conduct service and product research, so it’s important to be available when they are.

Sure, responding to the complaints or questions from your customers is crucial, but you need to go beyond that and engage the audience in meaningful conversations through public comments and direct messages.

2. Personalize Blog Content

When publishing content, it’s easy for marketers to forget that there’s another human at the end of the line.

To connect with your audience at a deeper level and achieve your goal, you need to customize your content. How do you achieve that?

Use Personalized CTA Buttons

A call to action or CTA is a pivotal part of content marketing. But most businesses still use generic CTAs, such as “find out more” or “click here.” In some scenarios, those generic CTAs might be suitable.

But for a personalized approach, you may want to use more specific CTAs, such as:

  • Start your trial
  • Click to share on Facebook
  • Switch to the premium version

Optimize the Content in Light of the Referral Source

A referral visit occurs when a person clicks on a link that leads them to your site.

When you know where most of your visitors come from, you can customize the content to deliver a richer contextual experience.

If most visitors land on your site organically, you should optimize the title with the right length, keywords, and catchy terms, so it looks appealing in search engine results. You should also include an attractive meta description for each page and post.

If, on the other hand, most of the clicks come from Twitter, include tweet-friendly snippets so people can share the content on a platform they frequently use.

Leverage User Behavior to Inform Next Steps

Let’s say you noticed a lead viewed four of your posts this morning – Types of Men’s Shoes, The Best Colors for Men’s Shoes, Shoes Every Man Should Own, and Men’s Footwear Essentials.

It’s clear that this lead is interested in reading more about men’s shoes. So, it’s safe to present similar posts to continue informing their needs. That’s where tools like CRM or marketing automation platform come in handy to personalize content recommendations in real-time.

3. Sales Personalization

Selling can be difficult if you don’t personalize it. Here are some tips for personalizing the sales process:

Make Your Message Customer-Centered

As you attempt to sell services and products, the message should be about the prospects, not you. Focus on providing solutions that can solve your prospects’ real problems.

To achieve this, use references and examples that show the buyer you understand their problems. Next, talk about how your company is uniquely qualified to offer solutions to those challenges.

During successive calls with prospects, you’ll establish a relationship and trust that will, in turn, allow you to know more about them. You can leverage this information to craft a personal experience.

Personalize the Sales Call

How you present yourself on a sales call can help you to personalize the entire experience, build a connection, and establish credibility.

Start by calling prospects by name so they can pay attention. Acknowledge that you know the individual’s title and area of responsibility.

Engage the customer by asking questions about their organization and the challenges it faces. Importantly, pay attention to the answers and provide a relevant response.

Use Sales Tools

There’s no shortage of sales tools to help you streamline tedious tasks and find relevant prospect data. For example, an application like comes in handy to help you find your prospect’s email with ease.

Other software can help with social selling and lead generation. A CRM, for example, and will leave you or your team with more time to engage with the customer on a personal level and build deeper relationships.

Wrapping it up

Personalization is critical, and customers expect it from you. Make efforts to personalize every experience, from your products and services to website and social media content. Not only will this reflect positively on your reputation, but on your bottom line as well.

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