These Video Marketing Ideas Will Help You Grow Your Small Business

Driving new customers to your business in the digital age is not as easy as flipping a switch.

Having an effective SEO strategy definitely helps but, most of the time, it’s not enough. You need to continuously think of new and creative ways to entice consumers and make them notice your brand.

Videos are the newest rage in digital marketing these days. According to marketingsherpa, using videos will help you attract 300% more traffic and nurture leads on a slashed budget.

Visual contents are more appealing than written text. Thus, video promotions are more likely to get a response from your audience.

Video marketing provides small businesses the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in a saturated industry without breaking the bank.

However, for it to work, you must be able to produce video content that will help you achieve your business goals and know how to use your videos to market your business.

Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Feature videos in emails.

There’s a new trend in video marketing that’s creating plenty of buzz — embedding videos in emails. In the past, videos and emails didn’t mix, but things are changing as the features and capabilities of email messaging become more advanced.

Featuring a video in your emails is not only a great way to introduce your products and services, it can also improve your email open rate and click-through rates. Using video tracking, you can then determine how users interacted with your content and what types of videos received the most response from your target audiences.

Your videos don’t have to be very long or informative. They can be a short introduction of your brand or a promotion of an upcoming sale, but make sure they’re engaging.

Record tutorials and product demos.

Consumers nowadays are more meticulous than ever. They want to know and learn as much as they can about a product, before clicking the “buy” button.

Whether you’re selling cars, gadgets, or beauty products, educating the audience through demos and tutorials is an effective way to boost engagement and spark buying intent.

You can create a demo video for startups that will help you promote your company and explain the product or services better than any image, text, or website could ever do. A great demo video is the most compelling way to tell your story so anyone can understand and communicate your product’s value to prospective customers.

You can shoot how-to videos, before and after videos, step-by-step guides, or simply share relevant information and tips about whatever it is that you’re selling.

Videos are way better than written tutorials because they allow the consumers to check out the goods in action. It’s also a great opportunity to foster trust in your brand and distinguish it from the competition.

Film behind the scenes content.

Going behind the scenes is an effective way to build an emotional connection with your audience. Authenticity draws people in. And when consumers feel like they know you and your brand, they are more likely to patronize your products.

There are loads of fun and creative ways to share a behind the scenes experience with your audience. Office/studio tours, how it’s made, and “meet the team” videos are just some of the many ideas you can play with.

One very important thing to remember when filming behind the scenes content, though, is to never fake it. Consumers can sense a sham from miles away. Don’t try too hard to look perfect. Instead, focus on giving your customers a glimpse into who you are as a brand and what you’re all about.

Share your videos on social media.

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The marketing power of social media is simply amazing. Think about it; millions of people are scrolling through their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds every minute.

For brands that want to expand their reach and attract new audiences, social media is definitely the place to start. However, posting written updates alone won’t get you noticed.

If you really want to catch people’s attention, create compelling videos and share them on your Instagram or Facebook page. Putting some marketing spend to promote the videos on social media won’t hurt either.

Another great way to endorse your brand on various social media platforms is through live streaming. The key to growing a business is customer engagement. Going live allows you to interact with your consumers in real-time and gives you the opportunity to connect with them better.

Use YouTube to your advantage.

It’s no secret that YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform today. Like social media, when it is utilized in the right way, it has the potential to boost your brand image and exponentially increase your audience base.

There’s hardly any limit to the length and type of videos that you can post on YouTube — product introductions, promotions, Q and As, tutorials, reviews, vlogs, footages from company events, the list goes on.

YouTube is undeniably the best platform for showcasing your videos to a wider audience, while cultivating brand loyalty with your existing consumers.

Make your content short and sweet.

When it comes to video marketing, longer isn’t always better. Most people nowadays (the younger generations, specifically) have short attention spans and would hardly make it through a 20-minute video. In fact, a study showed that video engagement starts to drop drastically after the first three minutes.

Tik Tok, Instagram stories, and Snapchat are some of the top platforms where you can post teasers and promotional video contents that viewers can consume in 30 seconds or even less. Make your videos short but captivating to keep your viewers engaged.

If your company does not have a video marketing strategy yet, it’s high time you have one. Put these ideas into practice and see how they help your brand grow.

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