What is Social Proof? How it Helps eCommerce Store Owners

It comes as no surprise that people are highly influenced by other people’s opinions, choices, and thoughts.

We, unwillingly, look for the approval of other people to satisfy our choices. In today’s tough market competition, business owners have realized how important this could be for their business and have employed this strategy to increase their sales.

They do this by enabling social proof on their websites to increase sales, traffic, and conversion rates.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that plays with the human mind. As mentioned above, we are prone to the suggestions and choices of others and believe that what is being followed by the masses is right. 

Social proof helps in dealing with a person’s uncertainty, their slow decision-making, and the feeling of similarity to influence them to follow what most people are doing and feel justified with their choice.    

How Does it Work?

Social proof is all about building customer trust and approval, but how can you do that when your customers are physically unable to see, touch, and test your product?

Here where social proof shines, through this marketing technique, you can display real-time activity on-site, recent purchases, customer recommendations, best-selling products, and much more. 

Customers are more likely to trust other people than the business itself, that’s why social proof is an effective option for increasing sales as it helps in influencing more than 50% of the purchasing decisions. 

Benefits of Social Proof

Benefits of Social Proof
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Social proof is one of the most profitable marketing techniques employed by eCommerce store owners. You can easily avail of these benefits by using the best WooCommerce Social Proof plugins available. For now, let’s discuss some of its benefits.

  • Building Trust and Credibility

One of the major benefits of using social proof on your website is building customer trust and credibility. When you enable real-time activity, customers can see the number of visitors, recent purchases, and subscriptions on-site. This helps in notifying customers about your brand’s popularity and how it is trusted by many others. This also reduces a customer’s uncertainty and nudges them to make a purchase.  

  • Improving Brand Awareness

Social proof is about honest marketing and letting your customers know that you deliver what you claim. Social proof like customer reviews, user-generated content, and endorsements by popular personalities helps in creating brand awareness. People like to follow what others are doing, thus endorsing your brand on social media is a great way to build credibility and awareness.

  • Increasing Sales

As your brand awareness grows and your customer list increases, your business will automatically start generating increased sales and revenue.  People are still skeptical about online shopping because of a trauma they might have experienced by another online store which resulted in a scam. Thus, social proof helps in removing any suspiciousness regarding your products and helps in increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment.  


Social proof is a powerful marketing tool and can greatly help your eCommerce store gain visibility, awareness, and credibility. A good marketing technique is one that helps you reach out to your customers and social proof does just that.

Even more, the social proof uses user-generated content, customer reviews, and much more to drive their sales. This also helps in improving customer satisfaction which ultimately leads to increased visibility, trust, and conversion rate, all of which a business strives for.

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